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Stem cells - what are they?
Please refer to other sites to learn more about them. NIH has a site explaining stem cells.
And a niche??
Wikipedia has a nice introduction to stem cell niches, while Lander et al. discuss this further for various stem cell systems.

SNP has been described recently (de Rooij, DG; van Beek, MEAB.; Computer simulation of the rodent spermatogonial stem cell niche; BOR Papers in Press. Published on March 27, 2013 as DOI:10.1095/biolreprod.113.108639) (PubMed)

Stem Niche Pro is unique.

It is developed in MS Excel, and that means:
  1. If you can run Excel with "macro's" on your PC, you can run SNP
  2. You know the interface already, so you can start testing your own parameters
  3. Not only does it give you a lot of numbers, it also gives you a lot of pictures, so you can see immediately what happens